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Like the sign says, welcome to my personal roadside stop on the Information Superhighway.


Artist Kevin Caron and I have a new Sword & Sorcery comic on the way from Source Point Press. As soon as I have the release date, I'll certainly be sharing it here. Although this is a one-shot, there's plenty of potential for follow up. Likewise, as soon as I've got some preview art, I'll be posting it here.

In the meantime, you should swing over to the Sounce Point Press website and check out some of the other cool titles they have available. Bet some of you mistakenly thought that came near December 25th. Nope, for me this is the most wonderful time of the year because I get to see some of my favorite people at some truly terrific comic conventions.

Source Point Press

Comic Shop Locator

To buy and/or order any of my comics and more, please head down to your Local Comics Retailer (you can find them under Comics in the Yellow Pages, by checking the Comics Shop Locator online, or by calling 1-888-COMIC-BOOK).

If, for some reason, your local shop isn't able to obtain my comics or books for you, many of my collected editions and graphic novels are available through online book retailers. For individual issues no longer in print, if your local comics retailers doesn't have them in their back issues bins, there are numerous online comics retailers with extensive backstock.

You can also find a number of my previous projects in digital form on Comixology.com!  They include comics from DC Comics, Moonstone Books, IDW Publishing, and Bluewater Productions.


Looking for the remastered edition of Robyn of Sherwood? You can find it on IndyPlanet.com

Written by Paul D. Storrie
Illustrated by Rob Davis &
Michael Larson
Lettered by Thom Zahler

Robin Hood is dead!

In the dark years since the death of Robin Hood, the former Prince John has proven himself one of the worst kings that England will ever know. Struggling under the burden of heavy taxes and royal whim, the people speak more and more of days past, when a brave yeoman rose from among them to stand against those who abused power and privilege. Furious that his enemy is remembered still, and fearful of what his example might inspire, King John orders a campaign to extinguish the memory of the Sherwood archer. The first step--to execute the surviving members of Robin's band!
Now the only hope for the aging outlaws, and for England itself, lies in the shadows of Sherwood Forest, where Robin's legacy of rebellion is reborn in a startling new form...
...his daughter, Robyn!

f you're looking for the latest and greatest news from me, or just my random thoughts about comics, writing and life in general, I've got both a Twitter account and a Facebook page. Feel free to connect with me either way.


APRIL 2017


CA MK v2Writers:
Robert Morales, Dave Gibbons, Robert Kirkman & more
Pencillers: Chris Bachalo, Eddie Campbell, Scot Eaton, Lee Weeks & more

Captain America lives again! But the Sentinel of Liberty wakes from the ice in a very different world - one where, in his absence, the Nazis won the war! Can Steve Rogers and a resistance movement filled with familiar faces re-turn the tide of history? Back in familiar surroundings, Captain America is forced to look at his homeland afresh when he serves on a military tribunal for an anti-war activist accused of being a terrorist! Then, as the Avengers are Disassembled, Cap goes back to basics in battles with foes including Batroc, the Serpent Society and Red Skull! Plus: An astonishing array of comic-book talent salutes the Living Legend in a series of tales exploring what the red, white and blue represents! Collecting CAPTAIN AMERICA (2002) #17-32 and CAPTAIN AMERICA: RED, WHITE AND BLUE.

Captain America: Red, White & Blue includes
"The Pledge":
Story: Paul D. Storrie
Art: David Lloyd
Colors: Chris Sotomeyer

None Currently